Invest in environmentally-friendly and ecological projects today. Together we can protect and sustain our planet for future generations.


The band Coldplay once sang: “We live in a beautiful world”. And they’re right!

But, from time-to-time, it’s hard to feel optimistic about the future of the Earth. The tiny choices we make on a daily basis, from the economical car to the ethically-sourced coffee, conserving water in our gardens or installing solar panels on our roofs, one person’s efforts can only go so far.

What if there was a sure-fire route to your making a huge difference to the environment?

Well, there is…

…by way of a relatively small investment and just a few hours of your time.

Planet XYZ is a big idea with an even bigger desire to make a difference: a billion-dollar ethical lottery which dedicates one-third of its proceeds (a planet-protecting, world-wowing $1.2 billion!) to environmental, ethical and ecological projects and causes.

Sound incredible? It is! And you can help it to become even more so.

We’re offering the first 500 entrants to Planet XYZ the opportunity to be part of something massive.

To get the idea off the ground we need YOU to become crowdfund donors for a truly exciting environmental, ethical and ecological cause (because of licensing laws for lotteries, we can’t use traditional crowdfunding models to raise this money but the process is similar).

The offer is available to individuals, groups or companies all around the world.

For just £1,000 an entrant can buy a stake in a billion-dollar, planet-saving ethical lottery.

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The founder of PlanetXYZ, Richard Franks, has always cared about environmental issues.

He saw how reluctant governments were to invest money in renewable technologies and ecological, ethical and environmental projects. But he wanted his children and their children and generations to come to enjoy a world that wasn’t weighed down by plastic, struggling for breath and bereft of endangered animals.

So, he started to imagine ways to look after the planet without State help.

But where to start?

For years the idea of an ethical lottery that could pave the way for big-money environmental and ecological projects was at the back of his mind. Then in 2008, while working night shifts as a printer, he began to shape his idea.

And Planet XYZ was born.

He took the idea to a local company that built a prototype game using Flash. But, technology was moving fast and, because Apple products didn’t support Flash, he decided to put things on-hold until he could build and launch Planet XYZ for all formats.

Today, things have got real! It’s time to stop talking about how we can save the planet and start doing.

Planet XYZ intends to raise billions of dollars to aid existing planet-saving projects as well as start innovative schemes of its own.

Get involved in the next BIG thing and help to bring about change.



mr. richard franks

founder, planet xyz

I’m Richard, a passionate believer in leaving a legacy that will benefit the planet. As the saying goes “Cometh the hour cometh the man”. Well, that hour is here and I’m the man to start the ball rolling.

Married for 25 years with 3 children, the future of the planet matters a great deal to me. The term Global Warming was first used the year I was born in 1968 and now, 50 years later, some people are still in denial.

I want my children and their children — and your children — to be able to benefit from a legacy that will change the status quo for the better, and forever. Simple things such as ceasing single use plastics and replacing them with bio-degradable alternatives will have significant and long-lasting ramifications.

I started my career in the Printing industry where I stayed for 22 years; since then I’ve worked for a local engineering company building high-quality precision measuring equipment.

I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy and strongly believe that giving up is not an option.

In my spare time you will find me fossil hunting on a beach or in woodland with the family dog, Poppy.

“A legacy will live longer than a lifetime.” Help me build it.


Our planet has given us so much and it’s about time we gave something back.
Make a small investment to empower a change.
Planet Earth is in your hands!