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Most frequent questions and answers

You’re reading this because you care about the environment and you want to make a difference. Investing £1,000 in Planet XYZ awards you the chance to do just that. It is a strictly limited investment opportunity. Planet XYZ intends to raise billions of dollars to help existing environmental projects and to start innovative schemes of its own. And, of course, each investor will receive 0.003% royalties from all Gross Sales… which could be as much as $90,000 per game!

Yes, you can. Each investment is £1,000 and you are more than welcome to buy more than one.

All investment opportunities carry an element of risk but we strongly believe that the benefits of investing in Planet XYZ far outweigh the uncertainties. £1,000 is a lot of money to many of us but it isn’t an unrealistic amount, which is why we’ve set it as the maximum investment per person. If you’re not happy taking risks please don’t invest.

No! Planet XYZ is a truly global ethical investment opportunity. You can invest in the Lottery no matter where in the world you are.

We plan to launch the game in 6 to 12 months’ time. This will happen in three stages, which are outlined in the next section.

Stage 1: at £50,000 of investment we will start to build the game.
Stage 2: at £250,000 of investment we will apply for an offshore Lottery licence.
Stage 3: at £500,000 we will launch and market the game.

The idea is to launch our planet-saving Lottery with a $1 billion jackpot. The odds of winning it will be just 1 million-to-one. Compare that to the EuroMillions at 140 million-to-one and the UK National Lottery’s at 14 million-to-one and you can see that we’re offering tremendous odds.

The game will consist of one million ‘planets’ each owning 1,000 $3 tickets. Individual, group or syndicate players can buy any number of tickets: from just one to a whole planet’s worth. Each game will therefore generate $3 billion and one planet will be selected at random to win the $1 billion jackpot.

Of the $3 billion generated:

– 40% ($1.2 billion) will go on projects to save the planet.

– 45% ($1.35 billion) will be paid out in prizes.

– 15% ($450 million) will be reinvested into Planet XYZ.

  Each investor will receive 0.003% royalties from all Gross Sales… which could be as much as $90,000 per game!


Yes, we’d love you to get involved! We want our investors to join Planet XYZ’s mission. You can help launch our exciting ethical lottery or even work with us to distribute the funds for environmental and ecological projects. The choice is yours. 

We’d love you to get involved! We want our investors to become a part of Planet XYZ in any way they can – from helping to launch this exciting, billion-dollar ethical lottery, to helping distribute the funds to environmental and ecological projects that can help save our planet.