Germany Latest Country To Put A Ban On Single Use Plastics

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In an effort to move away from a throw away society, Germany are to issue a ban on single use plastics effective from the beginning of next year. Although a few plastic items will be allowed to remain until July 3rd next year.

The European Commission says that cutlery, polystyrene cups, boxes, stirring sticks, plates and balloon holders are amid the most common items washed up on Europes beaches.

Since 1950 plastic production has risen year on year. Which the majority of plastic produced is used once and then is on the planet for hundreds of years. We have such a huge plastic problem that plastic is reaching even the most remote parts of our planet through the rain. This is why single use plastic bans such as Germany’s are so important!

single use plastic

The covid-19 pandemic hasn’t helped plastic pollution either. With the increased demand for single use PPE. It has been reported that these items have been washed up on shorelines around the world in recent times.

As the big boys of the developed world turn their back on single use plastic. It looks like we are at the very first stages of turning the tide on plastic pollution.

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