Hemp vs Cotton

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When you look at the stats of hemp vs cotton it is hard to believe why cotton is so popular.

Crop & Harvest

In the same amount of acres you can fit up to 3 times more hemp than cotton. This means you can produce more product with less land. With the cost of land always on the rise, producing more with less is always beneficial. Hemp also comes out on top when it comes to harvest. A crop of hemp can be harvested after just 60 days compared to cotton which takes 160 days. So you could more than double your harvest output if you grew hemp over cotton. This means with same floor area, you could grow more hemp in less time, than cotton, which in turn equals more money for the farmer.

When it comes to pesticides, cotton is one of the worst offenders. It is estimated that 50% of all pesticides used in the US are used on cotton. Pesticides very often get washed into rivers and lakes destroying ecosystems in its path. Where as on the other hand, hemp is very good at keeping pests away naturally. For example because a hemp crop is very dense there is little space for pests to gather.


Another shocking stat about cotton is the amount of water required, to get cotton from field to end product of 1 single cotton t shirt. It is estimated to take close to 3000 litres of water! For the same process hemp is estimated to take half the amount.


But it’s not all glory for hemp, to convert it from crop to product hemp does take more energy, which at the current time is more than likely generated via fossil fuels.

Customer Benefits

Now I know what you are thinking, what are the benefits of buying hemp clothing for me as a customer? Well, clothing made from hemp is more durable than cotton while maintaining that breathable feel of cotton. Hemp naturally has antibacterial properties which will help keep your clothes cleaner for longer.

It does look like people are starting to cotton on (pardon the pun) to hemp with the number of hemp acres grown, increasing year on year. The textiles industry is the worlds second largest polluter. So make sure your next clothing haul is a hemp haul!

Want to help?

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If you want to do something even bigger than that and leave a legacy, check out what we are about here at Planet XYZ.

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