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Investing in Planet XYZ

We’re creating the world’s first global lottery – and we want it to be global in every sense of the word.

No matter where you live or where you’re from, you can invest. A worldwide problem needs a worldwide solution.

Understanding Investment in Planet XYZ

Like most ambitious and meaningful projects, we need investors to realise our goals.

However, we’re not particularly interested in the typical investing processes because that’s not the kind of movement we’re trying to make. Instead of seeking capital investment from entities primarily focused on the bottom-line, we’re looking for a specific type of investment; a different type of investor.

We don’t want to confuse you, but if you stick with us we’ll explain how investment in Planet XYZ works and what we think an ideal investor looks like.

Once you understand what’s on offer, you’ll be better placed to decide if investing is something you want to do.

Who Needs Big Investors?

Here’s the thing about investing in a company – you usually get affluent business people to invest because they want to see a profit. They typically invest capital in exchange for a percentage of shares, with the hope / expectation that their shares will one day be worth more than what they invested, should the company do well.

The thing about our company is – this isn’t our business model! 

Trying to help the planet needs a universal approach. We all have a responsibility to look after the earth and try to fix some of the damage that’s already been done.

Helping the planet should be the privilege of everybody, not just the rich or those with large amounts of disposable income.

That’s why we believe it doesn’t make sense to follow typical investor patterns. Instead, we came up with a different idea…

Help us protect our planet by investing today

We thought it would be pretty cool if we found 1,000 small investors – people who can’t afford to invest tens of thousands of dollars, but those  who do want to make a difference and get involved with the next big thing.

We’re asking those one thousand people to each invest just $1,000. And in exchange for this, you’ll receive one share of the company which could be worth as much as $45,000 from every $1 billion lottery draw.

Giving Change to All

We hope this small business decision gives as many people as possible the chance to make an impact.

We’re not particularly interested in the typical investor model. You know, the type of thing that Facebook, Netflix or Amazon used.

Peter Thiel, for example, invested $500,000 to Facebook to get it started. Mike Markkula put $250,000 into Apple. That kind of investment model works fine for large corporations with commercial ambitions.

But we’re about saving the planet, and that’s something everybody should be involved with.

By letting 1,000 small investors contribute to what we want to achieve, we are letting a small but significant number of people become part of a vehicle for change.

Investment is one of those difficult and unfortunate things that every enterprise or business has to think about. And we’re no exception to that.

But we’re proud of the unique approach we’re taking to raise funds.

We want to give as many people as possible the chance to meaningfully contribute to a lottery that will help save the planet, and we think that’s a much more harmonious way to align investing with our core values.

Saving the planet is a global responsibility, so having a small investment group  – ordinary individuals interested in the bigger picture of saving the planet – means our mission can remain universal and open to practically everyone.

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