Planet XYZ: Join Our Journey

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Planet XYZ: Join Our Journey

By Richard Franks

The Realities of Climate change

Climate change is real. It isn’t the slogan of doomsayers or the marketing ploy of electric car companies.

It is real, it is upon us and it is happening: a disintegration of our ecosystem caused by two and half centuries of human industry.

What’s more, climate change is something we all experience because its most immediate affect can be seen on our weather: winter droughts, summer floods and untimely hurricanes are all proof of a serious decline in the health of our planet (and we haven’t even touched upon what is happening beneath the surface of the oceans).

Our planet is at the mercy of the human race. No other species on Earth has caused so much devastation.

We have polluted our rivers, over-populated virgin soil, depleted our natural resources, clogged seas with plastic and filth and cut away millions of acres of valuable, oxygen-giving rain forests.

The time to act is NOW​

Some say we are too late to do anything about the things that are already broken.

And that may be true.

After all, the ozone layer cannot be rebuilt, the seas cannot be entirely cleansed of all the plastic, and our forests will take thousands of years to become what they once were.

However, we are not too late to prevent further damage. Scientists, engineers and environmental campaigners are doing everything they can to redefine the way we live our lives in order to stop the rot.

But in this quest of their goal they need money.

Enter Planet XYZ: the best way to make a big difference to Earth’s future.

The main focus of Planet XYZ is to generate investment in ecological regeneration in order to help scientists and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs along the way.

And we have decided to do this by way of a lottery; using our players’ money to fund environmentally-friendly and planet-saving projects.

What to know about founder Richard Franks​

Founder of Planet XYZ, Richard Franks, is passionate about leaving behind a dutiful legacy: one that will benefit the planet.

For years he has seen how reluctant governments were (and still are) to invest money in renewable technologies, and ecological, ethical and environmental projects. Such things are ‘too expensive’, ‘too hard to implement’ or ‘too limited by climate accords’.

So, Richard has decided to take action of his own.

The idea of an ethical Lottery that could pave the way for big-money environmental and ecological projects is his brainchild. And it is one that can make a difference right now.

How does investment in Planet XYZ work?

Planet XYZ is not just another investment opportunity. It is an ethical movement; a revolutionary idea. Planet XYZ is about to make a huge difference in safeguarding and protecting the environment.

We intend to raise billions of dollars to aid existing planet-saving projects as well as start innovative schemes of our own.

Almost half of the funds from Planet XYZ’s lottery (about $1.2 billion) will be invested in new and existing environmental, ethical and ecological projects, such as:

  • the research of products to replace plastic
  • the protection of vast areas of rain forest
  • the development of renewable technologies.
  • And much, much more

Want in? Head over to our Register Interest page and pop in your details.

Or if you want to know more, get in touch and we’ll answer any question you may have.

How does the lottery work?

As soon as we have 500 investors on board, we intend to launch our planet-saving Lottery.

The jackpot is big — $1 billion (or £755.5 million) — and the odds of winning are only one million to one.

The game will consist of one million ‘planets,’ each owning 1,000 tickets which cost $3 each.

Individual, group or syndicate players can buy any number of tickets from a single ticket (costing just $3) to a whole planet’s worth (to own a whole ‘planet’ you’d need to purchase all 1,000 tickets).

Each game will therefore generate $3 billion and one planet will be selected at random to win the $1 billion jackpot.

The $1 billion jackpot will then be shared among the ticket-holders; the more tickets they have, the larger their share of the jackpot will be.

Of the $3 billion generated:

  • 40% ($1.2 billion) will go on projects to save the planet
  • 45% ($1.35 billion) will be paid out in prizes
  • 15% ($450 million) will be reinvested into Planet XYZ
PLUS 1.5% of all Gross Sales will be shared among the first 500 people who invest!



Yes! We want our investors to play any part they wish of Planet XYZ’s Big Ambition. You can help us to launch this exciting campaign and even help us to distribute lottery funds to environmental and ecological projects.


Truth: all investment opportunities carry an element of risk, but we strongly believe that the benefits arising from an investment in Planet XYZ far outweigh the uncertainties. £1,000 is a lot of money to many of us but it is still a doable amount, which is why we’ve set it as the maximum investment per person.


No. Planet XYZ is a truly global ethical investment opportunity. You can invest in our Lottery no matter where in the world you are.

Don’t delay, get involved today!

Try as they might, and despite their personal beliefs, leaders of nations have their hands tied when it comes to ecological welfare.

Domestic environmental policies, logistical constraints, joint agreements with neighbouring countries and party political motivations make straightforward planet-saving projects tough for even a strong government to instigate.

But for the rest of us things are easier. And the time to act is NOW.

An investment in Planet XYZ’s lottery is a sure-fire way to a better future for us all.

It may be difficult to see how making a small investment can impact the quality of life of future generations, but it will. We promise you it will! This will be a truly collective effort, which is exactly what our planet needs.

Investment today feeds the efforts of a few inspired innovators who work tirelessly to save the planet for tomorrow.

And, of course, there is always the chance for you (and your syndicate) to win the jackpot.

Support Planet XYZ’s ethical lottery and save the Earth. It’s that simple!

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