Mediterranean Sea Life Thrives Amidst Lockdown

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Areas previously occupied by ships and people have seen water quality improve as a result of the lockdown. This means sea life off the coast of Italy has seen a resurgence in recent weeks.

As lockdown was in enforced, it gave the Italian coastguard a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity to document the effect of human presence on the ocean that encases Italy. To document their findings, the coast guard took water samples, captured footage, went on their own dives and logged any sightings of sea life in previously occupied areas. 

Although the full report is yet to be completed, it is clear the sea life enjoys the lockdown life.   

Lieutenant Alessandro Mino, commander of the coastguard diving unit of the Campania region said “The marine environment and marine life have regained spaces that human activity had eroded”

Unfortunately, it isn’t all good news for our friends in the sea. As the pandemic has spread the globe, so has an increase in our plastic waste. Specifically sanitiser bottles, single use masks and single use gloves. Which unless processed properly, can and have been found in oceans around the world.

Coastguard spokesman Cosimo Nicastro said “This patrimony of beauty has been given to us on loan from our parents and we must preserve it and give it to our children and future generations. It is not something that belongs to us”

We here at Planet XYZ would like to echo that quote. If you want to get involved and help us preserve our many environments for future generations. Check out our “About Us” page and register your interest.

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