Planet XYZ Welcomes Another NEW Investor!

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Planet XYZ would like to welcome another new investor – Ben Foxwell – to our amazing team.

Ben has shown enthusiasm in the idea since its beginning, and after discussions with Rich – Mr Planet XYZ himself – has decided to invest his money and effort into helping push Planet XYZ in the right direction. When asked about the decision, Ben said:

“When Rich mentioned about the idea of Planet XYZ, and what it could potentially offer for both the planet and myself, I couldn’t turn it down!

This is a massive opportunity to help save our planet from the huge amount of environmental threats it faces today – which is predominantly us! Times like these call for drastic measures, and everyone can do their bit to help. Not only are there huge potential financial rewards in investing in Planet XYZ, but i get to experience the entire journey of a relatively new company, and novel idea, and have an input which actually matters. I get to understand the fundamentals of what makes a business like this grow, and be involved with the day-to-day workings of trying to make it succeed; It’s a really exciting opportunity and a really great idea.

What i also found brilliant was that I didn’t have to invest £1,000 up front. £1,000 may seem like a lot of money, but with PLanet XYZ’s investment scheme, i was able to break this down into 4 smaller monthly investments, which made it super easy.

What isn’t to like about trying to save the planet, given how we have been destroying it? What isn’t to like about being involved in a new company and helping to make it succeed, with huge potential financial rewards for me at the end of it? It might not be plain-sailing, but i’m willing to give my everything to help Rich and the team make this journey a successful one”

Ben Foxwell
Planet XYZ Investor & Team Member
Richard Franks (Left) & New Investor Ben Foxwell (Right). Please note, this photo was taken prior to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions

We’d like to thank Ben for coming on board with us here at Planet XYZ, and are excited to see the effort and enthusiasm he will bring to the team. Who is going to be our next brilliant investor to join us on this voyage of environmental prosperity. Perhaps it could be YOU!?

If you are interested in investing in Planet XYZ, or merely interested in finding out more about us, then check out our “About Us” page and register your interest.

Remember, TOGETHER we can make a difference!

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