The Rich Are Killing The Environment

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A recent study warns if we do not control the consumption of the rich, that technology alone will not be able to save us from further damage to our environment.

Green technology comes with it’s own problems such as sourcing materials, acquiring land and the every rising cost. These restricting factors really put a limit on how far technology can help us.

Many studies agree that consumption is linked with negative environmental impacts. Then there is relation between income and consumption. The trend is the more you earn the more you consume. The study states “the world’s top 10% of income earners are responsible for between 25 and 43% of environmental impact. In contrast, the world’s bottom 10% income earners exert only around 3–5% of environmental impact”. This is because the wealthy have too much money they almost don’t know what to do with it. Very often with their numerous large homes around the globe, and a garage full of cars to go with each home, with food stocks filled in each home and generally carbon intensive hobbies.

With that being said it is unfair to say that the sole destruction of the environment is because of the wealthy just because they’re wealthy. It is also to do with how the world is set up. With societies, economies and cultures all pushing us to consume more and more. Which the affluent do, on a massive scale!

Unless we can change the lifestyles of the worlds most wealthy to reduce their consumption and to harmonise with green technology we will continue on our trajectory of killing the environment.

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